Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to Raise Awesome Kids!

7 Tactics to Raising Awesome Kids!
Raising kids today is not an easy task. Our world
is a very complicated place to live. There are forces
that even we adults have to deal with that make a
person scratch their head.

How can I even think that I could write advice on how
raise awesome children in a world like ours? I know it
can be done. Almost 40 years of marriage and two grown
children I know it is possible. Let me introduce you to the
7 Tactics to Raising Awesome Kids!

1. Follow guidance from the author
2. Make a commitment to follow through
3. Develop a team of supporters
4. Learn from other leaders
5. Understand the goal of raising kids
6. Get over your mistakes quickly
7. Stay up close and personal

Let's take time to look at each tactic individually.


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