Saturday, June 9, 2012

7 Lessons I Learned from The Children in My Life

My wife and I have raised two children together. We lost a third child, which was very painful. Over the years we have learned to appreciate the little people God has placed in our lives. They have been our teachers in so many ways. We have learned so many wonderful lessons from our young instructors. In fact I will tell you 7 lessons I have learned from the many different children I have interacted with over the years.
(Lesson # 1 - Place My Faith in God) I now know the importance of placing my faith in God for my life. Children trust the loving adults they have inherited. They lean on them with everything they have. That is a picture of faith in action.
  (Lesson # 2 – Power of Innocence) I have learned the power of innocence from the little ones in my life. They are innocent and they need for us big people to honor and protect their innocence.
  (Lesson # 3 – Role of Parents) I have learned first hand that children want parents in their place. They want a mother and a father to guide them along the path of life. If you won't be that for your children they will look for these people some where else.
 (Lesson # 4 – Priority with God) Children are high on God's priority list. Jesus demonstrated this while He was on the earth. In fact He scolded some very important adults for standing in the way of the children meeting Him. God loves little people.
 (Lesson # 5 Process of Growing Up) The development process for children is a short period of time. They have to learn a lot in a short period of time. There is no time to waste; in fact time is of the essence.
 (Lesson # 6 – Power of Love) I have learned that kids are the most loving creatures on earth. They give totally inhibited love and expect you to participate in the process. Look at me, hug me, kiss me and let me sit on your lap.
 (Lesson # 7 – Proven Honesty) The children I have spent time with have proven to be very honest people. No not really, they are brutally honest and with no malice intended.

 I am so grateful to the little people in my life. They have taught me valuable lessons that have blessed my life and made me so rich.

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